CKD History

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April 1943
Established "Japan Aircraft Electric Co., Ltd." in Nagoya City with 10 million JPY in capital and investment from the five companies of NEC Corporation (then Sumitomo Communication Industries Co., Ltd. ), Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. (then Kawasaki Aircraft Co., Ltd.), Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd., and Toyobo Co., Ltd.
<Photo 1: Establishment Ceremony>
October 1945
Renamed the company "Chukyo Electric Co., Ltd."<Photo 2: Chukyo Electric Co., Ltd.>
May 1960
"Chukyo Seiki Co., Ltd." was established in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture. (Renamed the company "CKD Seiki Ltd." in 1978.) <Photo 3: CKD Seiki Ltd.>
June 1961
Relocated to Komaki City after constructing a new plant there.
October 1962
Listed the company on the second section of Nagoya Stock Exchange.
June 1963
Established "Japan Controls Ltd. " in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture. (Renamed the company "CKD Controls Ltd." in January 1978.) <Photo 4: CKD Controls Ltd.>
March 1964
Completed construction of the Chukyo Electric Building. <Photo 5: Chukyo Electric Building>
February 1971
Listed the company on the first section of Nagoya Stock Exchange.
July 1979
Renamed the company "CKD Corporation." <Photo 6: The Head Plant back in 1979>
November 1979
Listed the company on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
April 1984
Established "CKD Precision Ltd." in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture.
<Photo 7: CKD Precision Ltd.>
August 1984
Established "M-CKD PRECISION SDN.BHD." in Malaysia.
October 1985
Established "CKD USA CORPORATION" in Illinois, USA.
May 1988
Established "CKD THAI CORPORATION LTD." in Thailand.<Photo 8>
June 1989
Established "CKD SINGAPORE PTE.LTD" in Singapore.
July 1992
Established "WUXI CKD PNEUMATIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD." as a joint venture in Wuxi City, China.
January 2000
Merged "CKD Controls Ltd." (currently the Kasugai Plant).
October 2000
Merged CKD Seiki Ltd. (currently the Inuyama Plant) and CKD Precision Ltd. (currently the Yokkaichi Plant).
October 2001
Established "CKD (Shanghai) Corporation" in Shanghai, China.
August 2002
"CKD Korea Corporation" was established in Seoul, South Korea.
January 2003
Merged domestic sales subsidiaries.
January 2003
Established "CKD (China) Corporation" in Wuxi City, China. <Photo 9>
December 2003
Opened a branch office in the Netherlands.
August 2004
Merged CKD (China) Corporation and WUXI CKD PNEUMATIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
March 2005
Built a new head-office at the Komaki Plant. <Photo 10>
April 2007
Established "Taiwan CKD Corporation" in New Taipei City, Taiwan.
January 2011
Opened a branch office in Singapore.
July 2012
Renamed the company "CKD Corporation."
November 2012
Established "CKD Field Engineering Corporation" in JapanEstablished "CKD Field Engineering Corporation" in Japan.
October 2013
Built a new plant of "CKD (China) Corporation" in Wuxi City, China. <Photo 11>
May 2014
Established "PT CKD TRADING INDONESIA" in Indonesia.
June 2014
Established "CKD VIETNAM ENGINEERING Co., LTD." in Vietnam.
August 2014
Established "PT CKD MANUFACTURING INDONESIA" in Indonesia.
March 2015
Established "CKD MEXICO, S. de R.L. de C.V." in Mexico.
December 2015
Established "CKD India Private Limited" in India.