Standards of Conduct

The Standards of Conduct stipulates specific matters that all employees should adhere to and practice based on our Principles.
  1. Awareness of Social Responsibilities
    1. We will value interactions with all interested parties, and contribute to society by fulfilling our corporate responsibilities through our business activities.
    2. We will act as good corporate citizens, respect the differences in cultures and customs among the international and local communities, and contribute to their growth.
    3. We will have no business relations with antisocial influences, and refuse all inappropriate enticements and threats.
    4. We will respect all human rights, and not discriminate by nationality, race, religious belief, gender, age or social standing.
  2. Sincere and Fair Conduct
    1. We will interact with all interested parties in good faith.
    2. We will choose suppliers with fair and objective judgment, and conduct business for our mutual benefit.
    3. We will exercise good business judgment so as not to exceed social norms with regards to business entertainment, gifts, etc.
    4. We will respond to complaints and requests from business connections and local residents in good faith, and promptly make improvements as soon as the facts are confirmed.
  3. Observation of the Law
    1. We will comply in full with all applicable laws and regulations related to business activities.
    2. We will make sure to investigate prior arts when we develop new technologies and products, and rightfully acquire prior written consent of the legal right holder when using a third party’s intellectual property.
    3. We will not abuse or misuse the Company’s assets or impair the Company’s interests in pursuit of personal benefit or that of any other individual or organization.
    4. We will abide by appropriate accounting and other financial management practices, and comply in full with all applicable laws and regulations related to accounting and taxation when conducting business transactions between and/or among all CKD companies.
    5. We will conduct fair business activities in full compliance with antitrust/antimonopoly laws and all other applicable laws and regulations in order not to obstruct fair and free trade.
    6. We will abide by fair business practices when conducting business with suppliers (including subcontractors) for what regards but is not limited to payment, returns and/or discounts.
    7. We will not seek special treatment from public officials by way of gifts, entertainment or other means, and will refrain from behaviors that could draw public suspicion or criticism.
    8. We will comply in full with all applicable labor laws and regulations, and endeavor to maintain and improve working conditions, and ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable working environment.
    9. We will obtain the prior consent of the individual before disclosing personal information collected through business activities to third parties or using personal information for purposes other than intended.
    10. We will exercise adequate care when trading shares of the Company and business connections so as not to be a party to any insider trading or disclose or otherwise divulge nonpublic information of the Company, our affiliates or business connections to any unauthorized individual.
    11. We will comply in full with all applicable laws and regulations related to export control, and appropriately manage operations when exporting goods or providing technologies to any nonresident.
  4. Disclosure of Information
    1. We will release accurate Company information at appropriate and adequate timing to gain the trust of all interested parties.
    2. We will accurately report the Company’s business details, performance and financial standing to shareholders and investors, and proactively conduct investor relations.
    3. We will appropriately report to governmental authorities in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and ordinances.
    4. We will provide information on the Company’s initiatives and business activities as necessary to maintain a favorable relationship with local residents.
    5. We will send out necessary information to officers, directors, employees, associates and members by way of notices, intranet, in-house publications and other means.
    6. We will release information on the Company’s policy and initiatives to our business connections as necessary to ensure business activities are promoted properly and smoothly.
  5. Environmental Preservation
    1. We recognize that environmental preservation is an important mission of ours and will endeavor to prevent environmental pollution.
    2. We will develop and supply products of less environmental load to our customers.
    3. We will reduce environmental pollutants, wastes, and CO2 emissions.
    4. We will endeavor to preserve and recycle resources, and promote energy conservation and resource-savings.
  6. Customer Orientation
    1. We will supply products and services of high quality and safety in a timely manner and at an appropriate price.
    2. We will always listen to customers and offer the best products for their specified/intended applications, even when those applications are known but not clearly defined.
    3. We will provide product information, including, but not limited to, accurate quality labeling so that customers can rationally select products and services.
    4. We will decline customer requests only after explaining our reason and obtaining the customer’s understanding when such a request cannot be met.
    5. We will act promptly to resolve any problems that occur with products, and implement without fail measures to prevent recurrence.
  7. Striving for Technological Innovation
    1. We will constantly adapt to world trends, new technologies and element technologies , develop technologies and products, and build businesses for the future.
    2. We will strive to research and develop future-leading technologies with ideas not constrained by conventional technologies.
    3. We will not be satisfied with quality and productivity of the status quo, and will constantly strive to develop our production engineering capabilities.
    4. We will accumulate and apply intellectual property rights to enhance product appeal.
    5. We will utilize information from customers to resolve technical challenges to improving and developing products.
  8. Enhancement of Human Resources
    1. We will think of the future, place importance on job satisfaction, and actively engage in work with pride and willingness.
    2. We will respect differences in character and develop a safe and comfortable working environment where, ones’ abilities are sufficiently utilized.
    3. We will work diligently not only to improve ourselves but also to educate subordinates and junior employees to be our successors.
    4. We will ensure a working environment with no harassment of any kind.
  9. Appropriate Execution and Reformation of Business
    1. We will constantly endeavor to optimize and rationalize business.
    2. We will promptly and accurately prepare records and reports, including that related to accounting, based on true facts.
    3. We will appropriately manage and use Company assets, funds, information, and the like for business purposes only, and will not to remove such assets, etc. from the Company without the Company approval.
    4. We will carefully handle confidential information (including, but not limited to, customer information, technical information, and personal information) of the Company and business connections, so that it is not improperly disclosed inside or outside of the Company. This obligation shall survive even after leaving the Company.
  10. Exertion of Organizational Strengths
    1. We will clearly identify the roles of departments and hierarchy, and endeavor to build an organization that is flexible on all matters.
    2. We will share visions and targets of the organization, and value teamwork and action.
    3. We will convey necessary and accurate information with speed, and make decisions in a timely manner.
    4. We will endeavor to build a workplace where superiors command, explain and assist, and subordinates report, communicate and consult, and inter-departmental cooperation is truly implemented.